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Hi, I’m Jordana.


I love designing products, services, and strategies that solve complex challenges by putting users at the centre of solutions.

Photo of me! I am a woman with curly hair, in my early 30s, smiling.

My Toolbox

  • 10 years experience designing & delivering compassionate solutions to complex service, strategy and product challenges.

  • 4+ years growing high-performing, interdisciplinary, design & product teams through strategy, creativity and empathy.


I am passionate about:

  • Research! From generative UX to usability testing. Journey mapping, ethnography and interviews over personas. 

  • Data-driven decision making - both qualitative and quantitative methods

  • Information Architecture; you need good bones to start!

  • Systems mapping, strategic design, the big problems

  • Good communication at all levels - from design to writing to presenting

  • Foresight & Modelling - planning for the future so we can make good decisions today

  • Agile Project Management, process facilitation, alignment toward a goal.

  • Adobe CC & XD, Figma, Fable

  • Accessibility, full stop.

Thought Leadership



  • Apolitical Top Contributor - multiple articles from 2019 to 2021

  • Observatory of Public Sector Innovation - "Rapid Impact Evaluation for Public Sector Innovation", 2019

  • Royal Society of the Arts - "Design Thinking for Writing", 2018

Course Development

  • Guide to Experimentation - Treasury Board of Canada, 2020

  • Leading Teams Effectively in Government - Apolitical, 2020


  • Keynotes - Apolitical, 2022, 2021, 2020

  • Panel - Disability and Work Conference in Ottawa, 2019

  • Panel  - IPAC Conference in Winnipeg, 2019

  • Panel - World Conference on Qualitative Research in Porto, 2018

My Channel

The world needs more visual thinkers. On my Youtube channel I share tips and tricks for those interested in expanding their own visual thinking practice.



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