Meet Jordana...

Since 2015, I've worked to bring caring, creative transformation to services, products and organisations. I believe:

  •    Collaboration is crucial...

Change happens when you bring the right people in the same room at the right time. I help clients inspire readiness for change and ownership through collective storytelling and ​idea generation.

  •    Work with your head, heart and hands...

Good decisions and lasting change comes by bridging strategy, empathy, and creativity.​ I bring a depth of experience in a variety of methods (from systems design to visualisation) to help clients unite left and right brain thinking.

  •    Fun gets you through it...

We learn and discover through play - why should work be any different? By helping clients to think differently, they create new solutions to seemingly intractable challenges.


Based in Ottawa, I work with clients around the world. My past clients include Fast Company, The Privy Council Office of the Government of Canada, PWC, KPMG, CNN, The Globe and Mail and Fast Company, among others.

“I love working with Jordana! She has helped us successfully deliver a number of client presentations all with great results and with very positive feedback from both our clients and our professionals. Her skills have enabled

us to interact with our clients in a much more innovative manner.”

Mia Robins

Global Transformation and Compliance Director of Special Projects at KPMG

Jordana Globerman Design

Ottawa, Ontario



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