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Jordana Globerman

Strategic Design

Systems design, human-centered methods, design thinking...

As a strategy consultant trained in systems design and human-centered methods, I bring years of experience to help clients work collaboratively, with users to discover new solutions to intractable problems.

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Co-design is real collaboration at work. Using human-centered methods, I help clients understand the users which they serve and work better with each other in order to arrive at more robust strategies and products. 

My human-centered approach is enabled by a toolkit of methods:

  • Design Thinking

  • Systems Thinking

  • Matt and Gail Taylor Method

  • Foresight

  • User/Qualitative Research

  • Modelling

  • Prototyping

  • Co-creation

  • Design Research

  • User Experience

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People collaborating and thinking

Lasting strategies require a systemic approach and collective buy in. I help clients bring diverse teams together to understand problems holistically and design collaborative solutions. True collaboration lasts; teams leave workshops aligned, energised and committed.


Get in touch if you would like to hear more about past projects, workshops and coaching, or if you are looking for guidance as you head out into your own problem space.

Jordana Globerman Design

Ottawa, Ontario


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