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The Graphic Novel

Bear is a coming of age story that follows a twenty-something bear's journey from the back-alleys of Montreal to the busy streets of London. When we meet Bear, she is having a tough time: there’s pizza in her DVD player, beer at her breakfast table, and some characters in her bed that she'd rather forget. Life in London was supposed to be different from Montreal, but not much has changed since her move. Her love life is still a mess, her family is unravelling, and she’s back at university without a career in sight. Will she manage to find herself abroad or just get lost in the big city? Can she embrace her inner grizzly, or will she be mauled by her own insecurities? And what about this Mouse guy who’s always around? Tall, furry and handsome, he just won’t scurry out of her life, which is annoying when they are definitely, totally, 100% JUST FRIENDS. Bear is an exploration of love, identity, heritage and purpose that offers laughs, tenderness and strategies for growing up without being a jerk.

For Publishers

A full manuscript is available in pdf form to download below:


Jordana Globerman is a visual artist and comic book writer based in Ottawa, Canada. Jordana holds a Masters in Visual Arts from Camberwell College, part of University of the Arts London in London, England, where she studied supported by a merit-based Vice Chancellor’s scholarship and graduated with Distinction. Jordana has received media attention for her comic arts practice in publications like Dazed and Amelia's Magazine. In 2016, Jordana won silver in the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom's ReAnimate Europe Comic Competition. In 2018, she was a featured guest and instructor at the 2018 Montreal Comic Arts Festival.

Jordana is also an experienced graphic facilitator and has used visual storytelling in her professional work with Government of Canada, Fast Company and TED Global. For more information, visit her client-facing bio here.

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